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Rietveld-inspired Garden Chairs

Jardinique’s Rietveld-inspired Garden Chair is a re-design of the iconic Rietveld Chair or Red & Blue Chair. Gerrit Rietveld, a Dutch architect, designed the original chair in 1918. One of these sits on display at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York City.

For chair officianados, Jardinique’s version of the Rietveld Chair is so much more comfortable and more sturdy. We’ve altered the back-to-seat angle for a much more comfortable sit, perfect for reading or chatting or laying back. Legs have been notched to fit together creating a sturdier chair in look and feel. Bull-nosing the front seat edge is much more comfortable on the back of the legs.

Jardinique’s simple, yet effective alterations have maintained the integrity of the original, innovative Rietveld Chair. Whether you are a “chair freak” and recognize the design immediately or you see it as a modern interpretation of an Adirondack or Muskoka chair, our Garden Chair is definitely an attention-getter and a wonderful addition to any outdoor living space.