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Great looking chairs, but are they comfortable?

First, most people find it easier to get out of our chairs than a typical Muskoka or Adirondack chair because, quite simply, the seat is higher off the ground and the angle is not as steep. Second, the pitch of the seat and back is critical for comfort and the design of the original Westport was brilliant in that regard. With the ample back as support, a body is positioned naturally and easily upright in a very comfortable posture for long-term relaxation.

What are the differences to the original Rietveld design?

The most important difference is the angle of the back. We have made it more upright creating those comfortable angles for back, butt and knees. Another change was the method the legs and struts are attached to each other. We have notched out the pieces to fit into each other for a sturdier chair in look and feel.

Do you make tables to go with these chairs?

Westport Table

Yes we do and we have our customers to thank for the wonderful suggestion. Originally, we didn’t think we needed coffee tables as we felt the arms of the chairs were ample enough.

But for those who want a casual group sitting area, the table definitely adds that finishing touch. You can even place a table with one or two chairs for extra magazines, books, and bottles — so you never have to get up!

We also make custom sizes: Please Inquire

Square Westport Table – approx. 33 inches

Lodge table – approx 30 inches diameter and 18 inches high

Garden Table – approx 24x20x20 inches high

Occasional stool/footstool – 16 in square x 16 in high

Materials & Construction

What are these chairs made of?

We use premium, select-grade cypress. (More information can be found at www.cypressinfo.org). A light stain will show the beautiful grain or we can paint any Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams colour.

What is the beautiful finish?

We offer 3 finish options:

First, for a very natural wood look, the cypress wood is coated with a water-sealer (Sansin.com) that does not change the blond color of the bare wood but does allow it to weather to that lovely gray color. This is the most rustic look.

Second option is staining. Staining in the “Naturals” or “Translucents” color ranges of Sansin will still allow the wood grain to show, while the gentle wearing away of the color will create a fashionable ‘shabby-chic’ appearance. (Or simply wiping on some stain on the worn spots will maintain the color.)

Third and most formal look is paint (Sherwin-Williams DTM, exterior, available in semi-gloss to egg-shell.) Each piece is spray-painted with primer, then sprayed with the Sherwin-Williams color of your choosing. Most other paint companies’ colors can be matched very closely as well. The paint finish offers the most wood protection and the slickest look to the chairs. A small jar of touch-up paint is included in every shipment.

Do you use screws?

Yes, but there are no screw heads showing on top of the wood. All screws are inserted from the underside or backside of the chair. This means that no water sits in a screw hole, rotting the wood which ultimately leads to a wobbly chair. Screw-free surfaces also creates a very elegant and clean appearance.

What are the dimensions of each of the chairs?

Our Westport, Lodge, Breadloaf and Mid-century Modern Chairs are about 38″ cubed. ie. 38″ x 38″ x 38″

Our Rietveld inspired Garden Chairs are 27″ wide x 41″ high x 33″ deep. The seat itself is about 17.5″ wide x 18″ deep.


Can the chairs be shipped?

Yes, by courier. The chairs are shipped knocked-down and takes about 30 to 45 minutes to assemble following the easy instructions, using a Robertson (square-head) screwdriver. All the screw holes are pre-drilled, instructions are easy to follow, and we send everything you’ll need. Flat-packing does result in lower shipping costs.

Do you ship to the USA?

YES, WE SHIP TO THE US with FedEx Ground. We are proud to be the first builders of Westport Chairs able to ship these beautiful chairs anywhere in the US, while still maintaining the iconic design. We’ve developed a very clever assembly system that is easy and quick. Chairs are carefully flat-packed, 2 to a box, including all instructions, screws, etc. All you need is a phillips or square-head screwdriver.

Do you offer White Glove Delivery service?

Yes, depending on location and size of the order, for a nominal charge, we will deliver and assemble the chairs for you. Regrettably, we can’t provide this service everywhere but we have enjoyed visits to ON, QC, NY, CT, NH, VT, MA and RI. Please inquire.



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