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Classic Adirondack Westport Chairs

Jardinique’s Classic Adirondack Westport Chair, while remaining true to Lee’s original design is the first to be ship-able. Assembly is easy and quite fulfilling!

The Westport Chair was originally designed by Thomas Lee in 1903. The design was patented in 1905. The brilliance of the design is in the angles of the seat to the back and the legs to the seat. We are the first manufacturers to have devised a shippable chair.

The more the chair is sat on, the tighter and more solid the structure becomes. Also, Ian has ingeniously hidden all screws to prevent water penetration. Because of this, you will find none of the looseness typical of an Adirondack or Muskoka chair after a winter outdoors.

Probably the most remarked upon feature of our classic Westport chairs is the ample arms! Measuring 8.5″ wide, they provide lots of space for books, drinks, plates, crosswords……. Sandy always says, “All you need is staff!”